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Workers carry out the fiery Amateur Football


Whenever the sunset West Ramp, Longkou Bohai Bay in the beautiful football stadium, the people who will see a lively amateur soccer team, they played especially serious, especially interesting, especially fun - shouting to each other, Zhengqiang with, hug ......
This is set up there for three months, "Chunlong amateur football" players. It is reported that the football team by the Chunlong Group companies Topseller Chemical Co., Ltd. initiated the establishment of the group leader's concern and support, Chunlong soccer team adhere to the "Hobbies and interests simultaneously, Fitness and exchange peer" principle, set a unified system of sports apparel, under the premise of not to delay the work time, the use of evening or Sunday actively training and competition activities, organize at least one match a week now.
Chunlong football existing members of more than 30 people, striker, anterior, midfielder, after bits of each position are equipped with two main. According to the captain of the valley keep people introduced after a period of training and other teams, will organize football and social enterprises on friendly competition.
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