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Vacuum carburizing furnace production line installation is completed


Shandong Spring Long Feng Machinery Co., Ltd. invested three million yuan move to introduce a vacuum carburizing furnace production line to complete the installation, according to design requirements to achieve the production jobs.

The production line is mainly carburizing furnaces, washing machines and water circulation cooling system components. Selection of low pressure vacuum carburizing furnace carburizing methods, the use of computer monitoring system, the main parameters of carburizing temperature, time, gas flow, pressure, etc. to achieve precise control of the entire heat treatment process, no intergranular oxidation, no plaque, ensure heat stable quality. Washing machine selects ultrasonic cleaning mode, cleaning effect, and the cleanliness of all workpieces is consistent; cleaning speed, improve productivity, and does not have to hand contact with cleaning liquid, safe and reliable; can be realized on the hole, slit and shelter of the workpiece clean cleaning; no damage on the surface, while saving solvent, heat, work sites.


The production line put into use, can greatly improve the dynamic spring heat treatment process and the level of Long Feng Machinery Co., Ltd., to improve product quality, to win market competitiveness.

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